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Kevin Moore, Ph.D., DCE, MA TESOL

Office Hours: Virtual, by (Linphone Sip - Web Conference). Hours to be announced

Sip Account:


The Modules will teach you about Christian Ministry, Biblical Studies, Christian Theology, Evangelism, and Christian Leadership


By the end of this course you should be able to:

Approach Scripture from a different perspective of Ministry, Biblical Studies, Christian Theology, Evangelism, and Christian Leadership

Understand more in-depth view of various Research of Ministry, Biblical, Studies, Christian Theology, Evangelism, and Christian Leadership

Be able to explain and understand the Truth of Scripture in Ministry, Evangelism, Biblical Studies, Christian Theology, and Leadership

Explain and understand, God, Mankind, Develop Leadership, Biblical and Theological Aspects


This course is conducted entirely online, which means you do not have to be on campus to complete any portion of it. You will participate in the course using PC’s learning management system called Moodle


Refer to the MCCU Library for Materials for Study for MCCU Programs.

Recommended Textbooks:
Holy Bible, NIV, King James Version, New King James Version, Interlinear Hebrew/Greek Bible


ACCESS: If you do not have access to a computer, there are many computers at public libraries that have computers with internet access that you can use for free.

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You will need to have an up-to-date browser, operating system, and some additional software on your computer to take this class. Check this Distance Education page for hardware & software requirements. Some of the documents in this course will be available to you in PDF form. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader software on your computer, you can download it by going to



Announcements will be posted in MCCU Announcement Board on a regular basis. They will appear on your MCCU dashboard when you log in and/or will be sent to you directly through your preferred method of notification from MCCU. Please make certain to check them regularly, as they will contain any important information about upcoming projects or class concerns.


In the Modules, we will use the Messages feature on the help corner (located in the upper right-hand navigation links) to send an email for private messages. You can either check your messages in the MCCU system or set your notifications to your preferred method of contact. Please check your messages regularly. When submitting messages, please do the following:

Put a subject in the subject box that describes the email content with your name, week and message subject. For Example YOUR NAME/ASSIGNMENT 1: Genesis.

Send email only to MESSAGES and or my personal email account that is listed.
Do not send messages asking general information about the class, please post those in the QUESTION FORUM. Do not submit your assignments by the message. Make certain to check your messages frequently.


In online courses, it is normal to have many questions about things that relate to the course, such as clarification about assignments, course materials, or assessments. Please post these in the QUESTION FORUM which you can access by clicking the DISCUSSIONS button in the course navigation links. This is an open forum, and you are encouraged to give answers and help each other. For each clear and comprehensive answer you give, you can receive 1 extra credit point for the course (up to 5 points maximum).


Discussion Forums are a way for you to engage with each other about the course content. Each lesson module will have a topic that links to a forum. You can also access each forum by clicking on the DISCUSSIONS button in the course navigation links. In order to get full credit for each discussion, you will need to post a thoughtful, well-written response to the question and respond to two of your classmates’ answers.


Anytime I will be available for virtual office hours – All Day session using (Linphone - Web Conference). If you need to meet with me via web conference, Please make an appointment by email or send me a message first in the course navigation links.

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During the week (M-F) I will check MESSAGES and monitor the discussion board several times a day. If you have a concern and send me a message, you can expect a response within a day.


When posting on the discussion boards and chat rooms it is important to understand how to interact with one another online, netiquette. You can read more about the rules of netiquette at


Participation is essential to your success in this class. In distance education courses you are required to participate just as if you were in a face-to-face course. This means that in order to get full credit for participation, you will have to complete your discussion assignments, lesson assignments, and tests on a timely basis. Consistent failure to participate in the class will result in being dropped from the course.



The due dates for your assignments can be found in the CALENDAR in the global navigation links at the top of your screen. Please review these. In addition, I will post reminders prior to the due dates within each session, there are suggested due dates to help you manage your schedule and keep coursework from piling up. Tests and assignments can be submitted late without consequence. However, it is possible that you won't receive a grade if you submit your assignment too late.


Assignments are at your own pace, Take as Long as you need:
Read the lesson and complete all assignments and Essay Projects Listed
Make sure to check mark all boxes and Click the Submit Button in order for Final Submission.



With each Assignment and Essay/Research Projects: Students must FOLLOW these FOUR Steps...
1) When locating Answers - Quote Scripture where each Answer is Found
2) Define the Meaning of Scripture - When defining Scripture...Breakdown Every detail where each Answer is Found
3) Make sure that your ANSWERS support Enough Evidence
4) Explain Your Breakdown and Meaning of Scripture
*If your ANSWERS Don't have Enough Evidence...You will be notified and have to re-submit your ANSWERS

In addition to your assignments, there will be 1/2 projects/papers for this course:

PROJECT 1: Assignment. For this project, you will look for online materials about each topic covered. You will then answer all questions pertaining to the assignment.

PROJECT 2: Essay and Research Project. For this project, you will use what you have learned in this course to create your own original plan incorporating your thoughts and ideas into your own form and create an Essay give detail and explanation of our research you found.

Additional information about each project can be found under the ASSIGNMENTS button in the course navigation links. You will need to turn each project in. All assignments are scanned with a Plagiarism Tool. For these assignments, you will simply upload your assignment into the MCCU system and click on the checkbox with the pledge that this is your original work before you submit your project.

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POINTS POSSIBLE - Official Degree Program Grading is Based on Simple Weighted Method

Participation (Discussion & Chat) |10 points
Hands On Assignments |30 points
Essay/Research Project 1| |30 points/60 points (IF ONLY PROJECT)
Essay/Research Project 2| |30 points (IF PROJECT AVAILABLE)
Total: |100 points

*Projects Essay 1 and 2 combined: 30pts Each
*Project Essay 1 ONLY: 60pts

A |90-100%
B |80-89 %
C |70-79 %
D |60-69%
F |59% and below

POINTS POSSIBLE - Auditing the MCCU Degree Program Grading is Based on Natural Method - Sum of Grades - Auditing is Free!

Participation (Discussion & Chat)100% Possible Max - 70% Min
Hands On Assignments |100% Possible Max - 70% Min
Research Project 1|100% Possible Max - 70% Min
Essay/Research Project 2|100% Possible Max - 70% Min (IF PROJECT AVAILABLE)
Total: 100%

All Assignments must obtain at least 70% to Pass and obtain Credits
Thesis/Dissertation Requires at least 80% to Pass the Oral Defense and Evaluation


In order to understand what is expected of you for each assignment, please check out the RUBRIC -- a table that details the requirements of each assignment and the benchmarks for success -- attached to each ASSIGNMENT for the grading criteria. 100% is the highest Grade you can achieve. However, any grade below 70% requires you to resubmit the assignment, Essay Project or Retake Exam.


You can earn up to 5 extra credit points for each relevant and well-thought response to questions in the QUESTION FORUM.


You can view your grades using the GRADES button in the course navigation links. Please check your grades regularly to make certain that I have received all your assignments. If you have a question about a grade, email me or try sending a message. Please do not post your personal concerns in a discussion forum.

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Late work will not be accepted unless the student has a valid reason. Assignments will be available after the deadline and open to those who are excluded from the deadline. If you have an extenuating circumstance, please contact me by private message before the assignment is due to make alternate arrangements.


All distance education courses currently follow the Midwest Central Christian Univesity Policy for Attendance, Class Drops, Audit courses. In order to avoid getting an F for the course, it is your responsibility to officially withdraw from the class prior to the deadline.

Can I re-attempt an assignment?
Yes. If you want to improve your grade, you can always try again. Re-submit your work as soon as you can to make sure there’s enough time. In some cases, you may need to wait before re-submitting an Assignment, Essay or Test. We encourage you to review the course material during this delay. Each Test allows unlimited attempts, after the third attempt…You must wait 8 hours before retaking the Exam. Assignments and Essays have unlimited attempts.

Academic Honesty/Student Conduct:

As a student at MCCU, You are expected to follow the guidelines set in the MCCU Handbook regarding Student Conduct and Definitions.

Plagiarize, that is, use another person’s work or idea’s as your own without proper documentation
Do Not Let others use your MCCU Login information
It is okay to share ideas for inspiration, However, use your own words and ideas.