MCCU Handbook

12. Add an Online Course/Module

We have an open selection technique to empower all understudies to enroll at whatever point to secure Free Degree E-Badges...Or understudies have the decision to Fully Enroll at MCCU.

Directions to Add an Online Course/Module - FULL ENROLLMENT

You ought to get support from the instructor to incorporate a Course/Module. There are three (3) ways to deal with contact with the instructor:

1. Attend the highest point of the line meeting (presentation) that is held online at MCCU grounds. When in doubt this will be an online social occasion you will have with your instructor. In the occasion that space is available, the instructor will give you a code and headings to log in to the MCCU site for enlistment. It is the understudy's commitment to take after the heading to incorporate the class. For purposes of intrigue, see underneath.

2. Contact the instructor by email. Various educators lean toward contact by email, especially if the course does not have any very close social affairs. You can find contact information for the instructor by taking off to the Distance Education site page at tapping on "Our Faculty," arranged in the MCCU - LMS box on the right-hand side of the greeting page. MCCU representatives are recorded all together mastermind.

3. Contact the instructor by telephone. This can a portion of the time challenge. Countless representatives are full-time educators and have working environments on the grounds. The start of a Term can be to a great degree possessed and it is troublesome for the workforce to respond to a voice message in a favorable way. Telephone information can in like manner be found on the Distance Education site at Tap on "Our Faculty."

Online Add Procedure: If you have met all the pre-necessities, have no time conflicts, and/pay all costs, you will be added to the territory. In case you have a request concerning pre-necessities, direct the class design, school stock, or converse with certifications. Before including the new zone, drop the classes you are never again taking. If you have a period conflict (e.g. a class you are enrolled in covers by one minute or more with a course you are endeavoring to incorporate), you won't have the ability to incorporate the new class and no one can annul that need. Note: the approval number works for one understudy.

You should use the assent number the instructor has given you and take after the methods underneath to enroll for your territory.

1. Go to:

1.Login in with your username and mystery word.

2. Tap on "Selection".

3. Click on "Enroll".

4. You will see the screen underneath and be requested to enter the two sets from numbers on the sticker.

Tap on the "SUBMIT".

5. Once you successfully incorporate the fragment, use the "Impact a Payment" to interface at the left of the screen in the "Budgetary Information" portion and pay the entirety due.

You are added to the class and you don't need to go to the Admissions Office. If you encounter issues including on the web, record the oversight message you get, expecting any, and please take the agree to slip to the Admissions Office. If you can't come to class, you should email your educator with the reason and information.

Due date to Add: You won't have the ability to incorporate your class before the semester starts or after the incorporate due date. The due date for standard term courses is dispersed in the class design. Approach your instructor for the momentary incorporate due date or you may examine the Short Term Class Calendar available in the Admissions Office or in the Academic Division work environments.

Auxiliary School Students

Auxiliary school understudies take after a comparable methodology outlined out above. In the event that it's not all that much inconvenience study the information on the affirmation technique for optional school understudies arranged on the MCCU site at