MCCU Handbook

9. Access Online Courses

The most effective method to Access your Online Courses

A large number of courses at Midwest Central Christian University utilize a Course Management System or Website as a conveyance technique for their online courses. Midwest Central Christian University completely bolsters the MCCU Course Management System or LMS - Learning Management System on the web. Understudies should check the Distance Education site ( to figure out what framework is being utilized as a part of their online course.

The data that takes after will enable you to utilize the MCCU - LMS framework. Extra data might be found on the Distance Education site

MCCU Course Management System

The course administration framework can be utilized by your teacher to make and oversee course content, assess execution and speak with understudies. Inside the course administration framework, you will see declarations, the course syllabus, assignments, and grades may likewise be posted. Likewise, class discourses may likewise occur in the course administration framework. At Midwest Central Christian University a considerable lot of our online courses are conveyed utilizing the MCCU Course Management System.