MCCU Handbook

4. MCCU Statement of Faith



We have confidence in one God who forever exists in three unmistakable people (The Holy Trinity): the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These three are one God. God the Father is the Creator and Rules all of the Universe. We trust that He is boundless in control, information, insight, love, and blessedness. We likewise trust that He has uncovered himself as the Father of the recovered.

Jesus Christ:

We trust that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is the second individual of the Trinity and is associated with the Father. Jesus was conceived of a virgin, carried on with a blameless human life and offered himself as the ideal forfeit for the wrongdoings of all men by laying his life on a cross. He became alive once again following three days to exhibit His control over transgression and passing. He rose to Heaven's grandness where He sits at the correct hand of the Father.

Blessed Spirit:

The Holy Spirit is available on the planet to make men mindful of their requirement for Jesus Christ. He likewise lives in each Christian from the moment of salvation. The Holy Spirit is with the Father and the Son of God in The Holy Trinity. He gives the Christian power for everyday life, comprehension of otherworldly truth, and direction and doing his will. He gives each devotee a profound blessing when they are spared. As Christians, we look to live under His control day by day.

Heavenly Bible:

The Bible is God's Word to everybody. It was inspired by God however composed by human creators, under the heavenly direction of the Holy Spirit. It is the main wellspring of truth for Christian convictions and living. Since it is inspired by God, it is a reality and holds no mistakes.


We trust that man was made in the picture of God to have an association with Him, yet ended up distanced from that relationship through corrupt defiance. Therefore, man is absolutely unequipped for returning into a correct association with God by his own particular exertion.


The Word of God proclaims that salvation is an unconditional present from God, in view of the benefits of the demise of His Son, and is appropriated by confidence. Salvation comes just through Jesus Christ. Salvation is achieved through individual atonement (to abandon your transgression and plan to have another existence in Christ through the Holy Spirit), conviction on the Lord Jesus and an individual acknowledgment of Him into one's life as Lord and Savior. Salvation is to be joined by sanctification which is a reaction to the order given by Jesus Himself as a state of apprenticeship. Salvation is secure in the constant responsibility of God, who does not lie and is always the same. Salvation should deliver a functioning way of life of adoring submission and administration to Jesus Christ our Savior.

Time everlasting:

We trust that we were made by God to be everlasting creatures. We will either exist endlessly with God through pardoning and salvation or exist forever isolated from God by wrongdoing. To be endlessly in association with Him is everlasting life. To be forever isolated from God is to live in Hell. Paradise and Hell are genuine spots of unceasing presence.

Last Authority:

The announcement of confidence does not deplete the degree of our convictions. The Bible itself, as the inspired Word of God that talks with a conclusive specialist concerning truth, ethical quality, and the best possible direction of humankind, is the sole and last wellspring of all that we accept. For motivations behind The University's confidence, tenet, practice, strategy, and train, our Board of Directors is The University's last expert interpretation on the Bible's importance and application.