MCCU Handbook

17. MCCU Financial Aid

To apply for Financial Aid:

Students applying for Financial Aid are still responsible for the remaining amount of $1000.00 US Dollars. PDF FORMAT SENT ELECTRONICALLY OR PARCHMENT BY POST MAIL.

$1500.00 US Dollars covers the cost of Administration/Evaluation Fees for Authorized Official Degree...Refer to the MCCU Handbook for further details.

Using a PC, open the course point of arrival for the course you have to apply for Financial Aid in.

By the information about Financial Aid, click on the MCCU Financial Aid Link and apply.

Round out and introduce your Financial Aid application.

Sit tight for your application to be surveyed. While you sit tight for your application to be overviewed, you can begin the course immediately in audit mode or free mode. The review strategy may take up to 15 days.

Exactly when your application is surveyed, you'll get an email disclosing to you whether it's been embraced or denied. You can in like manner check your Updates page to see the status of your Financial Aid application.

After you introduce your Financial Aid application, it will take up to two weeks to review your application. In case you apply for Financial Aid for a degree module, you should send your application as soon as possible MCCU can't give extraordinary cases or flood particular applications.

You can see course materials to no end while you are sitting tight for your application to be embraced by using the audit mode.

Certified Financial Aid applications

If your Financial Aid application is certified, you'll get an email letting you know, and you'll be thus chosen in the course. Modules continue running on an open sessions design so you don't need to worry over falling behind. Nevertheless, most degree modules are open throughout the year to make a point to exhibit your Financial Aid application in under 15 days so you won't fall too far behind.

Once the Student has completed all of the coursework associated with the Module and Graduated...The Student has two options for Receiving the Authorized Official Degree

For Financial Aid Students Only!
1. Receive the Authorized Official Degree by Electronic PDF Format
2. Receive the Parchment Authorized Official Degree (NON-FRAMED) by Post Mail

Denied Financial Aid applications

If your Financial Aid application is denied, you'll get an email letting you know. That email will clear up why your application was denied, so you can settle the issue and apply yet again.

You can Access the MCCU Financial Aid Questions through the Course/Module Listings located on Home Page of MCCU.