MCCU Handbook

15. MCCU Costs and Fees

As a Non-Profit Religious organization, Midwest Central Christian University offers a portion of the most reduced educational cost rates among top online colleges. Educational cost for all undergrad, graduate, and doctoral projects has not expanded and will stay at the present rate. Furthermore, grants and adaptable installment designs make Midwest Central Christian University low educational cost rates considerably more moderate.

A reasonable instruction doesn't mean a disappointing one. Despite what might be expected — Midwest Central Christian University has been a pioneer in separate learning for more than 10 years, and our times of experience have instructed us how to streamline your training so you can center around what truly matters to you. Midwest Central Christian University is focused on helping you through the money related guide process. Our staff is accessible and prepared to answer your inquiries concerning your budgetary needs; let us enable you to get on the road to success toward achieving your instructive and life objectives today!

*All other students can make a payment at any time while Auditing the course if they choose to commit to Full Enrollment at MCCU.

Breakdown - Administration/Evaluation Fee (See Below)
*Payment - $250 (Refundable - See Refund Policy)

*Tuition & Fees Agreement & Disclosure
I understand that when I enroll for any class at the Midwest Central Christian University in Minnesota, US ("University") or get any organization from the University I recognize a full obligation to pay all instructive cost, costs and other related costs reviewed on account of my enlistment and in addition receipt of organizations. I further appreciate and agree that my enrollment and affirmation of these terms sets up a promissory note that goes about as an authoritative understanding (i.e., a budgetary responsibility as an educational credit as described by the U.S. Part 11 Code at 11 U.S.C. §523(a)(8)) in which the University is giving me enlightening services, deferring a couple or the dominant part of my portion duty for those organizations, and I assurance to pay for all assessed instructive cost, costs and other related costs by the dispersed or doled out due date.

*TUITION: MCCU does NOT Charge Tuition per Credit Hour!
We at Midwest Central Christian University only charge $250US Dollars for Administration - Evaluation Fee in order for Students to obtain the Authorized Framed Degree - Once coursework is complete and passed. The student needs to start paying the Administration - Evaluation Fee once the student has decided to register for Full Enrollment at Midwest Central Christian University. The remaining fees can be paid in monthly or quarterly installments.

*Administration - Evaluation Transfer Fee: This Fee is in the Amount of $250 US Dollars
This covers the Evaluation of Coursework completed by Students, Transfer of MCCU DEGREE BADGE, Transfer of Credits, Transcript Evaluations, Grades, Process of Applications and Verification of all Credentials from previous Schools, Colleges, Universities.

*Students can Audit the Course Module Free of Charge...Once Module is Complete...Students Earn an MCCU DEGREE BADGE...MORE DETAILS ARE DISCUSSED THROUGHOUT THE HANDBOOK.