MCCU Handbook

14. Accreditation

“Authorization” means the authorization granted to a private college or university or seminary or religious training institution by the commission as provided in this article and the policies adopted pursuant to this article. Authorization is not an endorsement of the institution by either the commission or the department.

Midwest Central Christian University (MCCU) located has full Degree Granting Authority. Midwest Central Christian University is considered a form of "Private Accreditation"...Please Read the Following...

Midwest Central Christian University (MCCU) is in the process of Forming in Minnesota, US and is in the process of obtaining "Religious Authorization."

What is Religious Authorization?

*Religious Authorization - A bona fide religious postsecondary educational institution, offering only programs which are religious in nature, which is exempt from property taxation under the laws of this state and whose degrees or diplomas have no state recognition.

The Authorized Official Degrees are religious and are "Religiously Exempt."

MCCU is Privately Accredited with Religious Authorization.