MCCU: About uS


To enable everyone to advance world understanding of God, Christianity, and Peace through the improvement of Christian education and support for online learning

Welcome to Midwest Central Christian University. We are a Non-Profit organization. We wanted to offer a learning environment open to the world. Our goal is to provide a Tuition-Free Christian Education. We want people to be able to have access to learning and to know God. We offer the following degree programs for Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Degrees in Biblical Studies, Evangelism, Christian Theology, Christian Ministry, Christian Leadership, and Christian TESOL. Students can choose to any program to earn an MCCU Degree but students need to Apply to Admissions for Full Enrollment to obtain an Official Degree through one of our Degree Programs. We are a University full of innovation. We believe Learning is for the World. We are located throughout the US. We believe a good foundation starts with a Christian Education. We hope you enjoy learning with us at MCCU